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When Death Occurs

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When Death Occurs
Nothing adequately prepares you for the initial shock of a loved one's death. Feelings of panic and helplessness may be overwhelming, but it's important to know you are not alone. It is important to reach out to close relatives, friends and professionals for the help, support and comfort you need.

In some states, a doctor must be present to declare a person dead and state the cause of death. If the doctor isn't sure of the cause of death, or if the death may have been caused by suicide, homicide or an accident, the county medical examiner or coroner may be called.

Call Jeffcoat Funeral Home and clergyperson right away, regardless of time of day or location. Immediate assistance and guidance from Jeffcoat Funeral Home will be extremely valuable to you, especially if you are faced with the added difficulty of making initial arrangements from a distance.

Family and friends should be notified. Call immediate family members first - parents, grandparents, children and siblings of the deceased. Again, do not worry about waking others.

It's not necessary or practical for you to call every family member and friend. News of a death travels quickly. Rely on others to make sure everyone is notified.
Many things must be done
The emotional impact of death often makes it difficult to concentrate on the overwhelming number of details associated with planning the funeral and taking care of the deceased's estate. You will find Jeffcoat Funeral Home's assistance extremely valuable as you move through all activities associated with a death.

You and Jeffcoat Funeral Home will need to plan the funeral carefully to make sure it expresses your wishes. Include your clergyperson in the planning from the start. If you don't belong to a church but want a religious funeral, Jeffcoat Funeral Home can suggest a clergy person to officiate.